*This page also applies to other areas of the US covered by a local assessor.
Currently covered: Eastern Pennsylvania.

The UK's highly successful cask quality accreditation program - Cask Marque - was launched in 2013 in selected American cities following talks between Paul Pendyck of UK Brewing Supplies and Paul Nunny, Cask Marque's Chief Executive.

Currently (as at February 2014) there are four bars accredited in New York (click for photos) and five in Pennsylvania. Accredited bars have the Cask Marque logo displayed next to their entries on my Cask Beer Finder pages (on sister site

External link to Cask Marque's website

You can read more about Cask Marque's launch here in my Ale Street News columns published in June 2013 and October 2013.

Here is Cask Marque's entry in The Oxford Companion to Beer


FAQs and how Cask Marque benefits your business

You can apply for Cask Marque by printing out the following two pages, and sending them to the address shown with your application fee.
Application form page 1
Application form page 2

Note you must have at least one cask-conditioned beer available permanantly in order to be eligible.
The brand of beer doesn't matter as long as it is authentic cask.

UK Brewing Supplies, PO Box 5316, Lancaster PA 17606
(717) 560-9447

Alex Hall / The Gotham Imbiber, 2014