The gold miners of Khakassia have recently concluded their year in 2023, achieving remarkable success. Notably, the “Kommunarsky mine” completed the modernization of its gold extraction plant during autumn. Thanks to this investment project, the plant’s productivity has increased from 1 million tons of ore to an impressive 3 million tons, with further plans to reach 4.5 million tons shortly. These advancements have resulted in additional tax revenues for the region’s budget and the creation of new job opportunities, significantly improving the local economy.

Konstantin Strukov, the Head of the Management Company Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies, attended the celebratory event marking the completion of the modernization at the Kommunarovsky mine. He emphasized the significance of the plant’s increased productivity in terms of developing the existing deposit, preserving the village, and ultimately enhancing the quality of life for the residents of Kommunarovo.

Important aspects

As a town-forming enterprise for the Kommunar settlement, the mine bears great responsibility for successfully implementing social partnership projects. In addition to the plant’s upgrades, substantial investments have been made in constructing new facilities, including a substation and a power transmission line, which cater to the needs of the mine and the local community. Moreover, renovations have been carried out on the gymnasium and school, ensuring improved amenities for the residents.

Yuzhuralzoloto has also contributed thousands of dollars to purchase new medical equipment for the Kommunarovo hospital and complete repairs and landscaping. Furthermore, the company has invested in constructing a new multi-story building, attracting new residents.

There are ambitious plans to invest substantial funds in developing the Kommunar settlement. The company intends to allocate towards social and communal infrastructure projects, including constructing a boiler house, sewage treatment facilities, and a swimming pool.

gold mine
Gold mine

It is worth noting that the Kommunarovskoye gold deposit, located in the Shirinsky district, is the oldest gold mining enterprise in Khakassia. It is involved in both ore and placer gold mining, as well as geological exploration. The mine comprises the Severnaya mine and the open-pit mining area, employing approximately 800 people. In 2023, the mine welcomed new specialists enticed by the attractive employment opportunities offering competitive salaries and comprehensive benefits packages, attracting professionals from various country regions.

In conclusion, the Yuzhuralzoloto Group of Companies’ successful modernization of the Kommunarsky mine transparently demonstrates the powerful synergy of technological advancements and responsible community engagement. These achievements not only uphold the industry’s growth but also significantly enhance the quality of life for the residents of Kommunarovo.

With its commitment to continuous improvement and a people-first approach, Yuzhuralzoloto sets an exemplary model, paving the way for future mining operations in Russia and beyond. This substantial progress marks an optimistic start to a new era of gold mining, combining economic prosperity with sustainable community development.