Porter is a type of beer that appeared and is widespread in England. This is a generic name for a variety of beers that share similar characteristics.
The color of porters varies from dark brown to black due to the presence of at least two types of malt in their composition, one of which is dark. It also requires yellow cane sugar, a relatively large amount of hops, and top yeast.

When mashing, the crushed malt is mixed with water at 75°C and sugar dissolved in it. To heat the mash up to 62°C, hot water is poured. After that, everything is mixed well and left for 1.5 hours. The resulting first wort (23°) is subsequently boiled with hops. After water treatment the second wort turns out to be less strong (15.5°). To boil it, you need the same amount of hops as was used for the first time. After that, the grains are again poured with water, resulting in a third wort.

Depending on the type of wort you need, the first and second are mixed in the necessary proportions. A double porter is prepared from a stronger mixture; an ordinary one is prepared from a weaker one. A small beer is made from the third wort. The main fermentation begins after adding yeast to the hopped wort at a temperature of 14-16°C. The duration of this process is about 1.5 days. Post-fermentation is completed in about 2-3 days.