Russian Imperial Stout is a very strong, dark top-fermented beer of British origin, with a gravity of 18 to 27% and an ABV of 8 to 12%. The beer is dark in color, with variations ranging from deep red and coppery to brown and pitch black. English beer was brewed from 1760 until the First World War. There is a legend that Catherine II appreciated this strong and sweet beer, which is why, by order of the imperial court, the drink was delivered by sea to St. Petersburg from 1780 to 1914. This is how long this beer was appreciated.

This beer is not pasteurized, which is why it contains much more useful proteins and vitamins than any pasteurized one. Live cultures of brewer’s yeast stimulate metabolic processes and improve human immunity. In some countries, the imperial stout is considered a healing drink. Beer lovers will also appreciate the roasted malt with a light taste of cold coffee. Thus, the Russian imperial stout is not only delicious but also a healthy drink.

Within 2 months, the beer matures in barrels, and then it is stored in bottles for a year. In its ability to endure long voyages, the beer is similar to Indian pale ale, and its taste and strength can be compared to an excellent port. The strength of the drink is noticeable in the light silk heat from the alcohol, which will be appreciated by connoisseurs of rich taste. Imperial stout has English, Irish and American variations, each with its own variety, which creates a wide field for brewers’ creativity.