Different factors influence the specifics of driving school business. For example, there are many driving schools in Brooklyn and other boroughs of New York City, which creates a lot of competition. It is important to consider such aspects when doing business. Follow these tips to make your work activities easier, less stressful, and more successful.


Make time every day to be proactive and prioritize important tasks rather than reacting to the urgent needs of customers or employees. Also, set aside 30 minutes every Friday to plan the following week. Following this routine will help minimize stress and allow you to begin the new week on Monday with a solid plan of execution.

Create a Vehicle Maintenance Plan

Is your fleet on a maintenance plan, or do you only bring vehicles in for repairs once they break down? Being proactive about scheduling regular maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, is important. Do you have a backup vehicle available?

Have at least one for every seven to eight vehicles in your fleet. It’s frustrating to cancel appointments or lessons because of unexpected repairs when you need to prepare.

Don’t Overbook If Your Schedule Is Full

To alleviate stress and avoid issues, refrain from overselling driving lessons when your schedule is full. If you have a backlog of students who have already purchased and you’re booked out for more than 60 or 90 days, wait to sell more lessons until you can hire additional staff and catch up.

Accepting too many new students and risking negative reviews during the peak season may seem like a good idea, but it can harm your driving school’s reputation. Your reputation depends mainly on word-of-mouth; overwhelming yourself with students can cause disappointment and negative reviews.

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Order Essential Supplies & Computer Upgrades

To prevent running out of essential supplies, create a standard procedure for maintaining proper inventory levels and ordering supplies on time. Your employees may be experiencing reduced productivity due to slow-running computers.

A solution is scheduling a tune-up with a local IT professional. This will increase morale and productivity as functioning equipment is crucial. Remote scheduling is possible, and the cost per computer should be at most $50-$75. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Keep Tabs on Your Cash Flow

It’s important to remember to pay your estimated taxes and have enough cash available. Have you made your estimated tax payments yet? If not, it is recommended to take care of that before continuing. There may be a temptation to overspend due to strong cash flow, but setting aside enough cash after paying estimated taxes can ensure extra funds in the bank during slow periods.

Don’t Waste Your Marketing Budget

Reduce or pause your marketing efforts if your classes and driving lessons are already full due to being overbooked. Turning off your PPC ads and other marketing expenses can help you save money, especially if you must stop selling for a few weeks or months because of your backlog. Avoid wasting your budget on marketing when you’re already at capacity, and consider saving it for later.

Keep Hiring

To avoid being understaffed, it’s important to keep hiring throughout the year, including during the summer. It’s also good to continuously hire so you’re always prepared and take your time. If you have too many instructors, you could spend more on marketing or replace/reduce hours for those who receive complaints from your newly hired, highly qualified instructors. Avoid settling for less.