Bière de Garde is a traditional French beer, made mainly in the north of France. Its style slightly resembles the Belgian Saison but has a more pronounced taste and less bitterness.

By color, the beer can be divided into three groups: light amber, brown or red. Regardless of the color, the beer has a pronounced malt taste, but the lighter the drink, the brighter the notes of hops in it. Aside from this, the beer can be filtered or unfiltered.

The drink is distinguished by its high alcohol content. If you follow the brewing technology exactly, you can get a beer with a mild and rich taste, where you can feel biscuit and caramel tones, notes of spices and herbs. There is also bitterness, but it does not interfere with the malt sweetness.

Traditional classic containers for this beer are glass bottles, sealed with a cork, like bottles with sparkling wines. The name Bière de Garde in French means “beer for keeping”. The reason for this is that in the past it was customary to cook it in the spring and drink it in the summer, during fieldwork. Today, you can find Bière de Garde in stores all year round.