Munich Dark Lager is characterized by a rich malt aroma with chocolate, caramel, and nutty nuances. The alcohol content of the drink can be up to 5.6%. One of its names is Schwarzbier, which means “black beer”. Another name is Munchner Dunkel.

Czech Dark Lager is known for its unobtrusive taste and slight sweetness. You can also feel the taste of malt with caramel. The lager contains up to 6.0% alcohol. This is a classic dark beer of medium gravity. Its color varies from garnet to completely black. There is always the smell of chocolate with licorice and dark fruits. You can also taste the herbal notes and hop bitterness.

Dark American Lager is a little dry and has a sharp malt taste. It is distinguished by the smell of chocolate with notes of bitterness. The drink contains up to 5.4% alcohol. It is made from two-row or six-row barley, corn, or rice. The color can be either dark yellow or brown. The drink is characterized by its beautiful clarity and red flashes. The foam is usually yellow-brown in color.