There are several vatiations of light lager:

  • Light American Lager. This drink is characterized by low gravity and calorie content. The beer is clear, its color can range from straw to pale golden. It has a fresh flavor with a slight addition of sweetness and malt. The alcohol content varies from 3.2% to 4.2%.
  • Standard American Lager. This beer is intended for mass sale. The drink is clear, its color is close to straw and light gold. The aroma is refreshing with a touch of sweetness and subtle hints of hops. It is made based on barley malt and contains up to 40 % rice or corn. The percentage of alcohol is 4.2-5.1%.
  • Premium American Lager. The drink has a more pronounced and richer flavor compared to standard and light lagers. It is clear and has a golden straw color. Sweet and refreshing flavor comes from barley malt and 25% corn or rice base. The percentage of alcohol is 4.7-6%.
  • Munich Light Lager (Munchener Helles). The brewers created the drink back in 1895 in Munich as a worthy competitor to Pilsner beer. The beer has a sweetish taste with pleasant notes of bitterness. The color is deep yellow, the structure is clear with a creamy foam. The alcohol content is 4.7-5.4%.
  • Dortmunder Export. Compared to other lagers, this is a high-gravity heady drink. The beer is produced with a special technique for making hops and malt. The alcohol content is 4.8-6%.