Getting acquainted with knitting, it is very important to choose the right yarn. Otherwise, there is a high risk that the desire to master the binding will be completely repulsed at the very beginning. To do this, for example, it is enough to choose a very thin yarn and try to tie it with knitting needles. Or, on the contrary, take a thick one and work on it with a hook. Below are the top five options that will help instill a desire to create.

Peruvian yarn

Peruvian wool allows you to get warm threads. For their production, they take the wool of Peruvian sheep. The material is produced directly in Peru itself. And such yarn is appreciated by all needlewomen of the world for its strength and the pleasant sensations that it gives upon contact.

It is comfortable to work with such threads, and then you immediately notice any flaw. This is very convenient, because it allows you to guarantee that you will not need to dissolve the product later because of a defect detected too late. Peruvian wool is well suited for large knitting.

Ribbon type of yarn

Another variety that is well suited for novice needlewomen. It makes it possible to easily and naturally create real masterpieces. A feature of the ribbon yarn is a narrow ribbon that connects several threads. Due to this, an interesting effect is observed when knitting, which allows you to create interesting things.

Cotton cords

Cotton cord is a great option when you need to tie accessories and interesting things for the interior, including ottomans and rugs, bedspreads and ottomans, various baskets, etc. Due to the thick thread and its high quality, knitting of these things is easy and fast.

When knitting, the yarn fits perfectly into the loop, and therefore all manufactured products do not lose their shape for a long time.


Another ideal yarn for beginners, which shows itself equally well when crocheting or knitting. The knitted variety of yarn resembles a ribbon. The material formed from the cut cotton knitwear is simply wound and a thick thread is obtained.

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Very thick yarn

From the name it is already clear what its peculiarity is. The yarn looks impressive and massive, although in fact it is very airy and soft. And what is very important, it is extremely easy to manage it. Well, in order not to look for a long time for knitting schemes of various objects, it is worth downloading the appropriate application. It will not be difficult to find such and other software in the form of apk free files.