Beer also refers to alcoholic products, but its general strength is that a large amount of useful microelements and substances are contained in it. Beer is considered to be a fermented beverage in which malt, water, yeast and hops are used. However, the final composition of this drink is influenced by technological processes too, such as brewing, malt addition and end storage conditions. Malt is the first stage of brewing, which consists of useful barley or other cereals that have already grown.

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First, producers dry the sprouted malt, then they add it to the hot water in a special container that will allow them to get the primary wort. It contains the necessary amount of yeast nutrients and fermented sugars, which is achieved by dissolving substances or enzymatic hydrolysis. Then producers boil this wort and mix it with hops. At this stage, humulone acids begin to turn into isohumulones, which provides bitterness of the beverage.

In the next stage, the material is divided into several components. Producers can easily eliminate the sediment from the mixture on this stage. The fermentation process begins at this point. Producers use special yeast strains and create carbon dioxide and alcohol. After all,  the ripening stage begins, and the special aroma is a special fragrance during the period of storage of the raw material. Each beer has a unique aroma.

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Detailed beer composition

Water is the main element of the beer, the content of which of the total volume of the drink is 85-90%. The main non-volatile component of the beer is carbohydrate, the content of which is about 3% of the total volume of the drink. It contains dextrins (about 80 percent), oligosaccharides and monosaccharides (up to 25 percent) and pentosan content will not exceed 6 percent.

Not only ethanol is produced during fermentation, but also other materials such as carbonyl compounds, alcohol, esters, acids and aldehydes. In finished beer, there is 1 to 7% alcohol, which depends on the beer. The beer has a bitter taste due to the content of homologs.

The beer is unique and delicious due to the huge range of microelements that are contained in its composition. This drink contains folacin in the amount of 24 microgram per litre. Also, we want to notice the fact that quality beer necessarily has minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, selenium, silicon, potassium and manganese.

However, not all producers may have additional beer components, nor are they biologically active. This is especially true for polyphenols, which makes beer taste unique. As a rule, polyphenols are obtained from the reaction of hops and malt.

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