There’s no beer connoisseur who doesn’t know how to drink beer properly. If you drink beer with the wrong technology, you can deprive yourself of many of the advantages of its flavor and taste. However, many people do not know how to drink beer properly. It’s important to understand that all kinds of alcoholic beverages have their own consumption culture, and it’s come up for a reason. And beer, of course, is no exception.

However, the first thing to know is that you can’t mix beer with other drinks. If you do that, you can get the worst kind of poisoning, with the consequence of a massive hangover.

Which glasses to drink from

The choice of beer depends on the type of beer you are going to drink. Ale is better to drink from an English pint. The same rule applies to wheat beer. Pilsner should be drinking from a tall glass on a thin stand. If you’re going to drink a dark lager, you should pour it in a classic beer mug.

There is also a universal condition for choosing a glass. You should always drink a beer from a glass goblet. In plastic and metal, beer changes its flavor.


Which appetizer to choose

If you drink beer without an appetizer you can quickly lose control and get drunk. Alcohol from the beverage penetrates quickly into the blood, and the food prevents it because it wraps around the walls of the stomach and intestines.

Each type of beer should be drunk with a certain snack, which helps to enhance its flavor and taste.

For example, if you drink stout, you can eat meat with sweet sauce, oysters, desserts, or chocolate. Brown ale is best served with roast pork, smoked sausage, chicken. Together with the most popular type called light lager, garlic croutons, vegetable salads, light meals are ideal options. Bavarian sausages, contrasting sauces are good for German wine.

However, there are also a few products that will go with any kind of beer. These include French fries, chicken meat, all kinds of sausages, cheese, and chips.

Mistakes in the process of drinking beer

There are a few things that some people do wrong when they drink beer.

You should not drink beer from cooled glasses (the cooled glass spoils the taste of the beer and makes it unleavened). Nor should you cool the beer itself. It tastes best when it’s warm. It is also not necessary to consume beer, which comes to the end of its shelf life. In contrast to wine, beer, if it stands long in bottles only loses the richness of its taste.