Dark beer is almost always stronger than light beer. For a light beer, the normal alcohol content is 3-4.5%. For the dark one, it is twice as much! When the bottle in the store has information about strength, the most common alcohol content is 8%. And often this amount of degrees suggests that it’s a low-grade beer.

Nevertheless, for those of you who like a strong foam drink, the best brewers in the world released some very interesting options. Let’s not hold back on those who are interested in finding out which strong beer is better, and let’s move on to a small rating.


Which beer has the most degrees

  1. First in our ranking is a Dutch drink called Mystery of Beer. His brewery, Cool Ship, and the amount of alcohol here is an incredible number of 70%!
  2. The Scottish drink called Snake Venom ranks second place. Alcohol capacity is 67.5%.
  3. In third place, we put beer of the same Scottish manufacturer Brewmeister, which is called Armageddon and contains 65% alcohol.
  4. The fourth place is occupied by the beer Begin the Future (60%), produced by the Cool Ship, which is already familiar to the reader of this article.
  5. The German beer Shorschbock has 57% strength.
  6. The very interesting beer is in 6th position. It’s called the End of History and contains 55%. It was produced by the Scottish brewery Brudog. Interestingly enough, a dozen bottles of this beer were released. And each bottle was inserted into a stuffed protein.
  7. The obelisk is another brewery rep at Cool Ship, showing 45% strength.
  8. Shortside 43. This is another German beer that contains 43 percent.
  9. Scottish Brud makes another strong beer with 41 percent. And it’s called The Drowning of the Bismarck.
  10. Last place we put Italian beer by Theo Musso. The product is called Baladin and contains 40% alcohol.

Therefore, you know what a strong beer is best for drinking. Tell your friends about your new knowledge.