Beer is considered one of the oldest alcoholic beverages. Both women and men are equally fond of beer. There are too many producers of this drink in the modern world. Moreover, each brand has several types of beer, which differ in taste and quality. This is why many of us find it difficult to choose a beer in a store.

Correct selection of quality beer

Before buying beer, study the following aspects:

  1. If beer has rice and maize in its composition, it means you’re looking at a poor-quality product. It’s affecting the taste of beer. So take a good look at the label. Beware of adding chemicals and flavors to the beer. The ideal ingredient in beer contains yeast, water, malt, and hops.
  2. Correlate the figure of strength with the figure of density. If the beer has a high percentage of alcohol, but it has low gravity, then this means that it is of poor quality. For example, if the density is 5% and alcohol is 12%, then this is a normal combination.
  3. Pay attention to the shelf life of beer. The best beer is the beer that is stored for only few days. This means that it is «alive». Pasteurized beer is stored for months, and that makes it tasty.
  4. It’s worth looking at the packaging. Plastic bottles contain the most damaging beer. It’s also environmentally damaging. If the sun goes on a bottle like this, all the chemicals in plastic will go in the drink. Choose beer in glass bottles.

Bottle rating

There is also a guaranteed list of the best quality beer in bottles. This is as follows:

  • Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout;
  • Westvleteren 12;
  • Rochefort Trappistes 10;
  • Heady Topper;
  • Bourbon County Brand Stout;
  • St. Bernardus Abt 12;
  • Celebrator;
  • Lou Pepe Kriek;
  • Ann;
  • Kentucky Breakfast Stout.

What is the tastiest draft beer

The rating of the highest quality beer is as follows:

  • 3 Fonteinen Hommage (lambic, Holland).
  • Speedway Stout (dark beer, USA).
  • King Imp Vietnamese Coffee Edition (stout, Scotland).
  • Emelisse White Label Barley Wine (barley beer, Holland).

Now you know how to choose a beer and get a tasty and harmless drink. Taste every beer on that list.