Beer is a drink that is widely known throughout the world. The first varieties of this beverage appeared simultaneously with the development of the grain farm. Moreover, it happened more than ten thousand years ago. We can’t even put beer in any culture or period of history. As hunter tribes settled down and established farms, the list of crops they cultivated expanded. The ancient people accidentally learned about the fermentation process of wheat, barley, corn, rice, and it was at that time that they learned to brew beer.

Beverage history

The colourful stories of travellers who have visited the Middle East are the main and most truthful, to date, source of references to beer. Although some scholars claim that people learned to make this drink much earlier, as early as 5,000 years before BC, some researchers have provided well-founded evidence that beer consumption flourished during the Babylonian Empire.

Ancient beer varieties were supplemented with delicious and unique spices such as dates or olive oil. The known version of the described beverage originated in the Middle Ages. Then, this beer was brewed with hops. Beer has long been valued not only for its original taste but also for its nutritional value.

Today, we know that Catholic monks were talented brewers. It is to them that historians attribute the introduction of many innovations in brewing technology. In the New World, beer arrived with European colonizers. The Americans also enjoyed the drink and became an integral part of their lives. The growing demand for this drink has led to a dramatic increase in the number of breweries.

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Advantages of beer

A large amount of phosphorus, potassium and magnesium is contained in this popular drink. That’s why you can only have one glass of beer and meet your body’s needs for all these microelements. In addition, the B vitamins are contained in a large amount of beer. The human body absorbs them easily and is saturated with life energy. Besides, beer is rich in ascorbic acid. Manufacturers add this substance to the beverage to prevent oxidation processes from starting in beer. Citric acid is a component of beer too, and it helps the human body to wash away stones from the kidneys. At the same time, carbon dioxide, which is present in beer, actively stimulates stomach secretion and improves blood flow.

There is a belief that beer is a drink that contains many calories. However, this is a misconception. Beer has fewer calories than milk or fruit juice. The thing is, people can drink a lot of beer at one time and eat a lot of food with it, and then they gain weight due to overfeeding. That’s why you should drink beer a little bit and not often. The thing is, it can also get you addicted.

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