In the past, Märzen beer was brewed exclusively from October to March. The reason for this was the risk of fire since cooling systems had not yet been invented. Since 1516, this rule has even been protected by Bavarian law. The season usually ended with the brewing of March beer, which required maintaining the temperature around 10°C (usually 8-9°C). After that, the breweries stopped working, and the containers intended for brewing this drink were sealed by local law enforcement officials.

That is why many people’s favorite drink was brewed in large quantities so that it would be enough for the whole next year. To preserve the freshness, more hops were added to the drink. This is the reason why the alcohol content of Märzen beer varies from 5.5 to 6.5% depending on its variety. Most often it is 5.8%, which does not allow attributing it to strong beers.