The original Vienna lager is a type of European Amber Lager that was first created by Anton Dreher in the first half of the 19th century. Dreher had a large factory in Vienna (Austria) and breweries in Hungary, Italy, and Bohemia. His Viennese business lasted less than a century, and then found a new life… in Mexico! However, the traditions were preserved, and at the end of the 20th century, Viennese lager was again brewed in Austria.

Only high-quality malt and hops are used for the production of this beer. At the same time, its versions differ in taste: in America, the drink comes out strong, bitter, and dry, while in Europe it is sweet.

Vienna Lager is a clear beer of a rich amber or copper color, with a dense creamy foam. The lager preserves the richness and aroma of European malt with hints of hops. It is made from Vienna malt and Zatec or Styrian hops. The beer has a mild, bready taste, with a dry and clean finish, without notes of caramel or toasted bread. There is bitterness in the aftertaste. ABV: 4.5–5.7%.