In 1938, an incident occurred near the town hall of the Czech city of Pilsen. The crowd of people was angry with the poor quality of the beer being sold and broke several dozen barrels of the drink. After that, the authorities had to investigate the reasons for the incident. It turned out that it was due to the lack of strict rules for the brewers. Trying to get more profit, they have long forgotten the recipes of true beer. To solve the problem, a purpose-built brewery was handed over to Josef Groll from Bavaria. And four years later, the first batch of the famous pilsner was born. The drink was produced according to Bavarian technology, taking into account the peculiarities of local raw materials.

Bottom-fermented excellent Zatec hops and soft Pilsen water gave an incredibly clear golden drink. The aromatic beer with a subtle hint of hops was enjoyed throughout Europe and is now leading the list of the most common types of lager. The most popular was beer from Germany and the Czech Republic, where they were made with increased bitterness. Also, slightly sweet varieties from Belgium and the Netherlands have become widespread.